The Idea Behind


Accessing sources of credit is difficult in the present conditions. However, we have managed to close a decent number of debt transactions in the last two years. If you run a sound business or have a realistic business proposition debt finance is still available. We will gladly review your business and its financial positions. We may recommend a course of action or altogether help you redefine your goals and expectations.

Timely restructuring of your business in the present market conditions is of utmost importance if your goal is to survive and resume to normal evolution once the turmoil is over. Where to start from and what to do are just two of the important issues. More often than not, coming off the picture in order to take a distant and impartial look is very difficult. Amphora Capital can do this for you.

We are constantly in touch with the credit and banking community and can tap into their perceptional feedback whenever necessary so that we can jointly form a realistic course of action.