The Idea Behind

Project Finance

Amphora Capital provides structured finance advice for project and property finance transactions, debt advisory services, and corporate finance advice. Amphora Capital provides advice and solutions along all stages of a project finance process.

Our services include financial strategy, financial structuring, tax advice, accounting advice, financial advice for PFI/PPP schemes and their management, advice on refinancing, advice on secondary market transactions, and financial modeling. Amphora Capital has worked on a number of projects in the PFI/PPP market, across various sectors. We have successfully advised bidders on a number of deals, successfully completed re-financings, and advised on secondary market acquisitions and disposals.

Amphora Capital has been engaged on projects finance transactions predominantly in South-East Europe. We have acted on a range of national and regional infrastructure schemes for both financial investors and for project sponsors.

Amphora Capital specializes in property financing as well. We have acted for investors and capital providers in the property market and advised on a number of innovative deals.

Amphora Capital has also worked on a number of structured finance transactions in the transport and logistics sectors.