The Idea Behind

Private Equity Placements

Amphora Capital prides with access to a number of forward thinking, sophisticated and distinct private equity investors. They range from high net worth individuals and family offices to private equity funds. We have mastered our skills and critical thinking to sift successfully through the vast sea of business opportunities. We only come up with the few ones that are worth the time, the effort and the associated risks. If you are an investor, looking for the best ways to obtain exposure to the high growth opportunities of South-East Europe we can start by ascertaining your preferences, focus and time horizons. Understanding and defining your expectations is where we start from.

Our formula is high returns through value creation against the backdrop of limited downside risk. Amphora Capital is about long-term relationships. Once you become a partner of ours, our intention is to keep you motivated to remain one in the lond run. We value trust and privacy. We value them so much that we go as far as forgoing business and opportunities if these core values of ours are at stake. Amphora Capital maintains a robust system of conflict of interest management. We strive to maintain ourselves aligned with your interests, and if there is the faintest doubt of compromising this alignment we let you know.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for the right equity capital partner we probably can be of help. First we need to achieve an in-depth understanding of the opportunity and once we have achieved that we will be able to advise you of how we can assist you.