The Idea Behind

Private Asset Management

Amphora Capital can offer you a time-tested, successful strategy and advice about which of the myriad of investment opportunities available today are adequate to your and your family’s present and future circumstances.

If you would like to match all of the available options correctly to your individual financial needs, we at Amphora Capital can help you.

Amphora Capital prides an investment management consulting team that has developed a successful strategy specifically for the private-wealth sector. We offer confidential, and strategic financial counsel. The goals are to protect and increase your wealth through our proprietary and disciplined investment process, focusing on maximizing after-tax returns in a risk-controlled framework.

Our approach, our expertise and our high level of personalized service combine to develop a strategy unique to you, your goals, your time frame and your tolerance for risk. We communicate and coordinate our efforts with your other professional advisors to fine-tune your strategy. As your needs change, our ongoing management process ensures that your investment portfolio evolves with you.

Amphora Capital is not attracted by quick high-return investments and does not rely on “hot-tip” investment products. We’re highly disciplined and use a process that has delivered strong performance for years.

Most of our time is spent preparing broad investment plans for clients who often focus on achieving a high and increasing income, implementing the plan, then managing the assets. Clients are typically high-net worth individuals or family offices. Some of them are retired or saving for retirement and wish to be assured that the real value of their assets will be maintained while at the same time achieving a competitive return without unnecessary risk.

Minimising risk, particularly the risk of losing money is an area upon which we place particular emphasis. Many of our clients are toward the end of their working careers and thus may not have a second chance to accumulate assets again. Hence, we concentrate on only the highest quality assets in each asset class. This strategy has proven so far the safest because these assets more often than not will weather a downturn far better than second tier ones. And, because our fees are flat and competitive we don’t have to take high risks with clients’ money to achieve a good, after fee, return.

We do not follow fashion!

Amphora Capital recognises that fees are one of the biggest determinants of returns over the long run.

We closely monitor the available investments universe with a view to buying assets at a discount when going out of favour and similarly disposing of investments when they trade at unrealistic premiums.

Amphora Capital team uses realistic assumptions about future returns. We are genuinely independent and are fee based advisors, so our recommendations to clients are completely free of any bias. The products we use pay no commission to us.

Amphora Capital does not have any institutional clients. We answer to our private clients only.