The Idea Behind

Debt Finance

The range of funding terms on offer will depend on the nature of the transaction and the business. The risk profile of the PPP/PFI and project finance in general is now well understood, with many capital providers willing to get involved. Accordingly, debt capital providers have sharpened their terms considerably. Shopping for the best funding terms still remain the main way to add value in our advisory services.

Other areas of the market are niche and more specialised, with fewer lenders familiar with the nature or form of the transaction. In these cases it is important to utilize a pool of long term relationships with debt providers and to take the time to explain the risk profile of the business, as well as the timing of major changes to the assets in place.

Proper comparison of lenders’ terms requires a detailed review of the entire package on offer. The willingness to provide standby and working capital facilities can be critical for some types of projects and businesses and may override small differences in margins and cover ratios.

Our services also include:

  • - Management of the debt procurement process
  • - Identification of lenders
  • - Negotiation of funding terms
  • - Review of lending documentation
  • - Modelling the financial impact of alternative funding strategies

Amphora Capital has established a wide network of contacts with banks and other lenders at various levels. Our knowledge of the market allows us to provide advice on the initial selection of lenders to participate in the process and keep the process streamlined to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Our knowledge is also invaluable in identifying lenders for more specific projects and businesses and negotiating the best terms appropriate in each individual case.

We have carried out a wide range of debt arrangements and syndications for both corporate clients and project vehicles across a wide range of sectors including education, health, construction property and renewable energy sector.