The Idea Behind


Amphora Capital is a team of experts in corporate finance, project finance and investment advisory active in South-East Europe.

The company was established in 2004 by Zlatin Sarastov and Ivailo Atanassov – investment and finance professionals since the beginning of the 90s.

Since its foundation Amphora Capital has shown a profound understanding of the business space, culture and idiosyncratic characterisitcs of South-East Europe. Cooperating with us will give you access to our vast experience, knowledge and networks enabling you to form realistic assessments and objective expectations.

For our clients we analyse, identify and expand common grounds of activities and ventures of what is both possible and desirable to achieve in a reasonable time. Amphora Capital’s aim is to assist its clients on each step necessary to successfullly achieve their goals.

Combining regional opportunities and know-how with international capital and industrial interests has been our trademark for years. Making it work is our expertise.